Emergency Electrician

power-outageDo you have an electrical emergency that needs attention immediately. Sometimes you can't wait till tomorrow to get your power restored.

For an emergency electrician in Sydney that is available 24/7 your best call is Ezy Electrical. Our qualified team of electricians provide an emergency 24 hour service.

Electrical problems usually happen at the most random of times, or in the late of a night during a storm you find your self with no power or on a hot winters day your fuse blows and your Air Conditioner no longer works.

Disaster can strike at any moment and whether you’re experiencing a minor emergency or major situation, Ezy Electrical always respond on the same day. Power failures, black outs, blown fuses, switchboard repairs and exposed wiring, you can trust Ezy Electrical to provide a timely and professional service.

Power Outage

Do you notice that a power outage always happens in the dark of the night when you can't remember where you left the torch.  A power outage could be a matter of your safety switch tripping or it could be a more serious issue. It is always best to get the experienced electricians from Ezy Electrical to inspect your home or business to give you an accurate description of the issue and provide you with a suitable solution. Remeber the law says only qualified and licensed electricians are to carry out any electrical works.

Hot Days or Stormy Nights

The most common cause of power outages is the weather, usually a cold windy and stormy night, or alternatively an extremely hot day. In these scenarios is it not unusual for your power to be disrupted. Heavy lightning strikes causing fallen branches during storms and strong winds, extremely hot long peak summer days heat overloading your electricity.

Faulty Lighting

Burnt light bulbs, faulty down lights or a light switch not working. Why stay in the dark when a quick call to Ezy Electrical will get your lights working again.