Lighting Solutions

led-lightingThe right lighting can make a huge difference to your room. Whether your building a new home, renovating your existing home or simply want to upgrade from your old oyster lights, Ezy Electrical have the right lighting solution.

When you are considering new lighting for your home there is so much to choose from today it can be confusing. Let the team at Ezy Electrical help you with there expertise and lighting specialists. The right light and brightness can change the look and feel of a room.

We can supply and install all lighting from down lights through to chandeliers.

Light Switches

Do you have a faulty light switch, or is your light bulb blowing often. Ezy Electrical can change your light switches and upgrade to a new more reliable switch.

Dimmer Switches

The easiest way to save on power bills is to install a dimmer switch. This will allow you to reduce the energy use and set the right lighting brightness required.

LED Lights

LED Lighting is the most cost effective and enviromentally friendly lighting solution for your home. LED lighting provide a better quality lighting than other forms of light fixtures.

Security Lights and Sensors

Having a sensor light at the front of your home gives you the peace of mind of protecting your home from intruders. Sensor lights also make alot of sense when you get into your drive way you are not walking in the dark.

Outdoor Lights

Want to entertain in your back yard but it's to dark. We have a range of options for outdoor lighting solutions for entertaining and outdoor areas.