Saftey Switches & Switchboards

safety-switch-installer-sydneyDid you know every householder in NSW has a legal responsibility to keep their home safe, including the way it uses electricity? Or, that if you own or run a business you are responsible for the electrical safety of employees and everyone else on your premises?

Ezy Electrical can install safety switches to any premises, whether it is your home, apartment, office or factory. Safety Switches save lives and can also save your electrical equipment from burning out.

Safety switches protect you, your family, your staff and clients visiting your home or business from electric shock. In many cases we find that on most properties there is not enough safety switches installed to provide the correct level of protection required. If you live on an older property it is vital to have a qualified and licensed electrician to check your switchboard and update your home to provide the correct safety switches.

One of the most crucial things you should do to protect your loved ones and your home is to upgrade your switchboard. Upgrading your switchboard to modern safety standards and to suit your own specific power requirements is imperative to ensure your home and family are protected. Upgrading should be considered particularly if you have an older house.


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Ongoing issues with your power at home can be caused by old or faulty wiring. Sometimes it can be a small section of wiring that needs replacing, or you might want to rewire your whole home. Ezy Electrical will inspect your current wiring and give you an honest assessment and solution to your wiring problems.

Switchboard Installation and Replacement Specialists

Is your switchboard old and tired. It's not the cosmetic look you need to worry about rather your family and customers safety that is at risk. A faulty switchboard is extremely dangerous and should be repaired or replaced immediately.


If you are renovating your home you will need to ensure your switchboard is capable of handling the new power load. Ezy Electrical can inspect your switchboard and give you a reccomendation on whether you need a small update or a replacement switchboard.